The Internet has a new hobby: trolling campaign websites

The Internet has a new hobby: trolling campaign websites
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This week, a delighted Internet audience discovered that redirects visitors to front-runner Donald Trump’s campaign website.

It’s an easy joke. Noticing that the Bush campaign, which uses, had failed to register the other domain as a precaution, someone else decided to have some fun.

Hunting for and buying domain names that presidential campaigns may have overlooked has become a popular sport this election season. Part prank, part Internet attack ad, this trend also gives any online user with some cash or a good sense of timing the ability to reach thousands in a matter of hours and drive the conversation.

Some websites are juvenile in their simplicity. After Trump was defeated by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in the Iowa caucus, was redirected to his Wikipedia biography. In a similar vein, taunting the businessman’s bravado and oft-repeated line about winning at everything, Nobodyrememberswhocameinsecond.comtook visitors to his Wikipedia page as well. As of Feb. 19, it redirects to a YouTube video of comedians poking fun at his campaign.

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