Sanders says he’s lucky to be white, but what about Jewish?

Sanders says he’s lucky to be white, but what about Jewish?
Image: YouTube screen grab (via AP)

At a town hall in Nevada Thursday night, Bernie Sanders talked about the advantages of being descended from white, as opposed to darker-skinned, immigrants.

Contrasting his experience with the “hatred thrown at” President Barack Obama,” the Democratic presidential candidate said, “No one asked me whether I’m a citizen or not. My father came from Poland. Gee, what’s the difference? Maybe the color of our skin.”

As has been noted, Sanders sometimes seems inclined to take the opportunity to ignore his Jewishness. He has by no means denied being Jewish when queried. But in discussing the historic dimensions of his presidency in two recent debates, he alluded to his Jewish background without explicitly claiming it.

Even in discussing his white privilege Thursday night at the MSN town hall, he missed an opportunity.

The prompt was a question about how he would address Islamophobia.

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