Clinton’s problem is that she’s the steak but the voters want the sizzle

Clinton’s problem is that she’s the steak but the voters want the sizzle
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Timing is a big deal in politics, and Hillary Clinton’s timing is rotten.

She’s running a campaign for president on the argument that she is the most carefully prepared, judiciously educated candidate for the White House — at a time when many voters want to cast their lot with newcomers.

She’s set a table full of nuanced policy prescriptions to solve the problems at hand. Voters, many of them anyway, want someone to smash the plates.


“We need a rebel,” a college student and supporter told the candidate, in explaining Clinton’s persistent problems with young voters. “My generation is a little wary of placing another politician in the White House. With your tenure in politics, how are you going to deserve our vote?”


Clinton, meantime, has delivered what voters say they want — specific proposals that are closer to the center and, at least theoretically, have a more realistic chance of success — only to find that it doesn’t help her all that much. That’s because the race is pivoting not so much on the things that Clinton hoped would matter — a record, endorsements, detailed plans — but on the sense voters get that Sanders feels their frustration.

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