Oops: School emails ‘Hurt Feelings Report’ that makes fun of whiners

Oops: School emails ‘Hurt Feelings Report’ that makes fun of whiners
Image: USA Today (provided)

Some Lombardy Elementary School parents are fuming after the school accidentally sent out a sarcastic “Hurt Feelings Report” that makes fun of “whiners.”

The one-page form was included as an attachment to an email that was supposed to be about activities on “Exercise Your Brain Day,” an upcoming school event.

The form includes places for “Whiner’s Name” and “Type of Whine Used,” as well as questions like “Did you require a ’tissue’ for tears” and “I want my mommy.”

It is structured like a bullying report “to assist whiners in documenting hurt feelings” and offers that “an EMS team will be dispatched to soak your socks in coal oil to prevent ants from crawling up your legs and eating their way up your candy ass.”

The parent who forwarded the letter to The News Journal, who didn’t want to be identified, called it “completely offensive and mocks children who are bullied in schools.”

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