Everytown, um, ‘misspeaks’ on Trader Joe’s gun policy

Everytown, um, ‘misspeaks’ on Trader Joe’s gun policy
(Image: AP, Seth Wenig via Breitbart)

[Ed. – Maybe they just couldn’t understand the compound sentences?]

The anti-gun group @Everytown took a victory lap earlier today on Twitter and bragged that they were able to get the Trader Joe’s grocery store chain to get customers to “leave their guns at home.”

Well, not really.


The company’s director of public relations Alison Mochizuki told Forbes that while the chain prefers that shoppers leave weapons of any kind at home, they follow local gun laws:


Our approach has always been to follow local laws; for example, New Mexico specifically prohibits ‘open carry’ in stores that sell alcohol for off-site consumption. In Texas, we follow a new change in the law (Section 30.07, effective Jan. 1, 2016), maintaining what has been in place: basically, openly carried handguns will not be allowed in Trader Joe’s stores in Texas. …

In other words, Everytown is lying.

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