Students union seeks to ban anti-Islamophobia crusader for being ‘Islamophobic’

Students union seeks to ban anti-Islamophobia crusader for being ‘Islamophobic’
NUS demonstration in 2012. In spite of the "Free Gaza" signs, they're actually protesting government austerity measures and student fee hikes. (Image: NUS,, via Aberdeen Voice)

[Ed. – Leftist radicals, inevitably being devoured by their feral young.]

Britain’s National Union of Students (NUS) is attempting to ban or “no platform” Nick Lowles, a man who has built a career denouncing perceived ‘Islamophobia’, because they say he is ‘Islamophobic’.

Mr. Lowles is the leader of the hard left, foreign-funded Hope Not Hate (HNH) campaign group which claims to “campaign to counter racism and fascism”.

But the very kind of mentality that Mr. Lowles has created on the left of British politics appears to have come back to haunt him – with hard-left students denouncing the group for briefly raising the issue of radical Islam. …

The NUS attack on Mr. Knowles comes just days after they branded gay rights activist Peter Tatchell ‘racist’ and ‘transphobic’. Last year, they attempted to ban the prominent Feminist Germaine Greer.

Despite this track record, many left wing politicians seemed surprised about the development.

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