For some reason, Hillary barks like a dog during stump speech

For some reason, Hillary barks like a dog during stump speech
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Hillary Clinton has a bone to pick with critics, so fetch your slippers and sit up — up! up! up! — and listen. The beleaguered Democratic coronation candidate offers her rendition of Who Let The Dogs Out in an attempt to dig up a bone in South Carolina. This apparently has something to do with fact checking critics, but, er … that dog won’t hunt, especially for Hillary:

Frankly, this seems particularly rich from the woman whose claims about her secret and unauthorized home-brew e-mail system keep collapsing. No classified material was sent or received through it. Woof! I never handled classified material in e-mail. Woof! Everyone else did it too. Woof! Woof woof woof woof woof!

Fox fetched and retrieved it this morning:

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