Obama admin. warns terrorists: ‘We’re checking your social media profiles’

Obama admin. warns terrorists: ‘We’re checking your social media profiles’
Malik and Farook in July 2015 exiting customs in California

[Ed. – See, that’s the problem with having an administration that does everything in a way that’s bad for American security.  In correcting its previous determination to NOT vette the social media accounts of visa-seekers, the administration is now certifying to Congress that it’s changing its practices.  Naturally, that also means certifying it to a listening world.  For the record: the correct, security-wise thing to do would have been to check visa-seekers’ social media profiles from the beginning — quietly, and without emphasizing it in public.]

In a model that will eventually cover every potential refugee and immigrant, even from Central America, the administration is greatly expanding staff and linguistic capabilities to handle the job of clearing the social media records of some 10,000 Syrians this year alone.

But the testimony from the administration before Congress is being mocked and criticized by experts who said that by announcing the new program, the government is basically warning terrorists and criminals eager to enter the U.S. to scrub their social media.

The Center for Immigration Studies revealed the testimony on their web page.

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