Boo-cue audience for last GOP debate was stacked – and made GOP a clown show

Boo-cue audience for last GOP debate was stacked – and made GOP a clown show
And then there were three. (Image: FBN video via The Resurgent)

We already know that the debate audience was stacked with donors and the like, people literally invested in anyone other than Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) winning the Republican nomination. Regardless, at the very least, no matter how moneyed and bubbled, you would expect this group to put the health of the Party above all else. Instead, the behavior of this gilded crowd of entitled crybabies was the single most self-destructive act committed yet in this election cycle.

This group is so selfish and small and corrupted, so disinterested in beating Hillary Clinton, that on Saturday night they chose to make a clown show of a high-profile Party event — no less than a presidential debate.

Frustrated, angry, and under the bizarre delusion that robotically clapping like seals at every utterance from Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Jeb Bush would make them more palatable to voters, the GOP’s hand-picked audience did exactly that. And under this same delusion, for two full hours they booed and hissed at Donald Trump like ten year-olds watching a movie villain at a Saturday afternoon matinee.

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