Student defends posting ‘whites only,’ ‘colored only’ signs in school hallway

Student defends posting ‘whites only,’ ‘colored only’ signs in school hallway
Image: Fox28

A mixed-race student who posted segregation signs around his high school claims the messages were designed to highlight racism on campus.

Riley High School junior Shane Williams created a controversy when he posted “whites only” and “colored only” signs above water fountains in a school hallway Thursday, and is now serving a five-day suspension for his actions.

“I found it kind of disturbing,” student Brandan Parmley told Fox 28, “this is 2016, not 1960s.”

Black student Demetris Gardner said he was nervous because it appeared those responsible “were trying to be racist.”

“It makes our school look like we’re racist when we’re honestly far from that,” student Adriana Jones said.

But Williams – who is of mixed race – strongly disagrees, and points to the all black school administration as evidence.

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