San Antonio pulls plug on art show because of lack of diversity

San Antonio pulls plug on art show because of lack of diversity
2011 event at Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center (Image: YouTube screen grab, via Iris Martinez)

There’s a division of culture in San Antonio.

A local venue is pulling the plug, last minute, as host of a popular art exhibit because they believe there’s a lack of diversity.

The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center has hosted the Contemporary Art Month Perennial for a few years now.

However, the director said this year the center is backing out.

There are six women artists who will display work, and the cultural center said none are Latina.

Susan Heard supports local art and is a Latina. She told News 4 she is not happy about the decision.

“If they were worried that there would be a lack of Latina diversity in it, then they probably should not have been a host for the show,” said Heard. “We are the only ones to continue to talk about this division of cultures.”

Others, like Zulma Berrios believe this is an important issue in San Antonio.

“Even though, we are the majority here in San Antonio, we are not represented in art, it’s really sad,” said Berrios. “As a woman, I think it’s a really good thing to have representation.”

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