5 politically correct ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day

5 politically correct ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day
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1. Buy your “friend with benefits” a “‘No Means No’ conversation heart ring”

“Hopefully your booty call is just as into consent as you are (if they’re not, ditch ‘em quick),” women’s website Romper advises. “This “No Means No” conversation heart ring ($12.50) is a sweet little statement piece.”

(How romantic! Buying someone a gift to remind them to not rape you!)

Just one little thing: I kind of feel like being “into consent” is not something that exists in varying degrees — after all, you either are or are not a rapist — so “is just as into consent as you are” isn’t really a thing, and whether or not you’d ever want to wear such a weird piece of jewelry has actually nothing to do with that distinction.

2. Talk about diversity before sex because that can be “an aphrodisiac of sorts.”

J.W. Wiley, the chief diversity officer for SUNY Plattsburgh and the director of the Center for Diversity, Pluralism and Inclusion, explains that “some couples like intellectual seduction before they intimately retire for the evening,” and that a great way to spice things up is to talk about how “Valentine’s Day is a day we engage in diversity.”

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