Ted Nugent steps in it big time, needs to get his walking papers from NRA

Ted Nugent steps in it big time, needs to get his walking papers from NRA
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[Ed. – Do your due diligence and click through to the FB post by Nugent.  Cooke’s post is far too long, but he’s right.  I’ve been endlessly entertained by Nugent; nevertheless, he’s over the line here, and since he won’t take the post down and admit his error, he needs to go.]

Ted Nugent should resign from the board of the National Rifle Association. And if he does not, he should be pushed from his position.

This week, in the course of “defending” the right to keep and bear arms, Nugent enthusiastically shared a choice piece of anti-Semitic propaganda. Then, shamefully, he refused to acknowledge or to address his mistake. If Nugent wants to behave like a fool, that is, of course, his prerogative. But he must do so in quarantine, a long, long way from the rest of us.

This is not an enjoyable or typical thing for me to write. As a rule, I like hyperbole. As a rule, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with harsh, indignant defenses of fundamental rights. And, as a rule, I like eccentrics and wish dearly that our culture gave them a little more latitude to be themselves.

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