Trump is the anti-Obama in every way

Trump is the anti-Obama in every way

Tuesday night was a moment off clarification. We learned two things about election 2016:

First, Trump is a political force of nature and, though not unstoppable, is in a commanding position to win the GOP nomination. For all the talk about who among the governors and Senators who got 12 percent and 11 percent and 10 percent, Trump won more of the vote than Bush, Rubio, and Cruz combined.

As Rich Lowry of National Review points out, “Trump won nearly every demographic group. Old and young. Rich and poor.”

Second, Hillary is the Walking Dead. She isn’t going to president.

Democrats are as glum as can be today, because the realization is setting in that they are going to nominate someone as likable to voters as Michael Dukakis. Tuesday’s vote was a resounding rejection by 60 percent of Democrats of Saint Hillary.

Quick: What is Hillary’s message? A third Obama term? Voters overwhelmingly don’t want that. She’s reinvented herself so many times ‎she has no convictions at all.

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