The anxiety Obama will leave behind

The anxiety Obama will leave behind
Credit: Official White House photo by Pete Souza

[T]here is perhaps nothing that irritates Democrats more than the notion that seven years of feckless, divisive, amateurish leadership on the president’s part has helped lead to a populist backlash. In Donald Trump’s case, that backlash is tinged with an unmistakable air of racial angst and cultural revanchism. No one wants to bear any responsibility for that unattractive movement, and it makes sense that Democrats would recoil at the notion that the leader of their party would bear any responsibility for it. The trepidation of the average Trump voter is the natural result of the ballooning terrorist threat abroad, and the belief that the risk posed by proliferating terrorist safe havens was one that Barack Obama was determined to ignore. We now have some firm evidence to support that assertion.

An overwhelming nine out of every 10 New Hampshire Republicans said they were somewhat or very worried about the potential for another terrorist attack in the United States. 90 percent consensus on an issue isn’t simply the result of partisanship or conditioning as a result of watching too much cable news. Among Granite State Republicans, a staggering two-thirds of respondents agreed with Trump that a “temporary” ban on Muslims entering the United States is a necessary measure.

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