S. Korea shuts down cooperative Kaesong enterprise with North after rocket tests

S. Korea shuts down cooperative Kaesong enterprise with North after rocket tests
Not the rocket Mr. Hughes will be using. It's just the one we happen to have (of a North Korean rocket on the launch pad). (Image: File video, KCTV via CNN)

[Ed. – Basically, they had to.  Things are measurably, meaningfully worse at this point, since it’s been demonstrated the North Koreans feel free to violate sanctions openly, and make a real bid to finish developing prohibited arms.]

Three years ago, the Kaesong development project got shut down in a war of words between the two countries on the Korean peninsula. That showdown with North Korea got so bad that at one point the Kim regime trapped South Korean managers within the complex. In response to actions by Pyongyang in launching a satellite and testing another nuclear device, Seoul has ordered operations at Kaesong to cease, accusing the Kim regime of using its proceeds to fund its nuclear-weapons development…

As protest actions go, this one has a real sting to it. Pyongyang has been buried in sanctions that limit its access to hard currency, so the Kaesong project offered a rare chance for legitimate cash acquisition. According to the Washington Post, that brought in over a half-billion dollars over the life of the project, and $120 million last year alone.

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