Iran-backed militias driving Iraqi Christians out of Baghdad

Iran-backed militias driving Iraqi Christians out of Baghdad
Christians keep a Christmas vigil in Baghdad, 2016. (Image: Twitter, ‏@BasharMandalawi )

Iraqi militia groups supported by Iran have been seizing Christian property in Baghdad, including homes, businesses, and churches, in a process described as “ethnic cleansing” by Iraqi Christian community leaders.

The goal of this campaign is nothing less than the complete expulsion of Christians from Baghdad, according to leaders from the Assyrian, Chaldean, and Syriac communities, as reported by The Foreign Desk.

Similar purges have been conducted in rural Iraq, where either the Islamic State or Iran-backed Shiite militia units have wiped out some of the world’s oldest Christian communities. …

Now the effort to ethnically cleanse Christians from Baghdad is under way, with Sacco describing militia gangsters rampaging through Baghdad, seizing property and forcing Christians to flee the city.

The former Anglican vicar of Baghdad, Canon Andrew White, who was forced out of his parish in November 2014, also spoke recently about a “terrible onslaught of Islamic jihadism” that killed or drove off most of his congregation, and warned of ethnic cleansing in Iraq and Syria.

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