Cam Newton can learn a lot from other great QBs who lost a Super Bowl

Cam Newton can learn a lot from other great QBs who lost a Super Bowl
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After a terrible game and an inexplicable play where he didn’t try to retrieve a crucial fumble, [Cam Newton,] the dabbing, dancing, divisive superstar turned in a postgame press conference that was an all-timer on the petulance scale. He was short. He was curt. He pouted. He glared. He gave his haters ammunition and his supporters — I speak knowingly here — deep second thoughts. Then he dashed off like some kind of unprofessional prima donna.

Even in the forgiving light of a Monday morning, the Panthers QB’s behavior was absolutely unacceptable. No question.

So save us all the talk that it was a big moment, that to criticize his conduct is unfair, that he’d just had a bad day. Bad days are part of life. Bad days are part of work. Bad days are certainly part of the brand of football, and being the face of your team — and an important steward of the Shield — comes with an obligation to deal with them. With class, grace and a grown man’s temperament.

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