This week’s dumb talking point: Ted Cruz is an anti-Semite

This week’s dumb talking point: Ted Cruz is an anti-Semite
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Ted Cruz was recently asked to react to Donald Trump’s comments about his wife’s relationship with Goldman Sachs. Cruz retorted that for the billionaire “to make this attack, to use a New York term, it’s the height of chutzpah.”

Dropping the word chutzpah, even if sounds a little awkward coming from Cruz, works in this context. There’s really no effective English equivalent. “Audacity,” “guts,” “nerve,” “boldness;” all of them are fine, but none of them really have the punch of “chutzpah.”

But if you’re a lefty columnist adept at ferreting out nefarious conservative dog whistles, the word also conveys anti-Semitism. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank—who makes a habit of embellishing innocuous statements with imaginary bigotry— explains that voters were finally given a clue as Cruz meant about New York Values: “For Cruz, ‘New York’ is another way of saying ‘Jewish.’”

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