New Hampshire’s not ‘flinty.’ it’s full of suburban liberals.

New Hampshire’s not ‘flinty.’ it’s full of suburban liberals.
No flint here. (Image: Shutterstock)

[Ed. – And here’s one suburban liberal who’s really anxious for you to know that.]

Maybe, once, a long time ago, the word fit. And certainly, in remote parts of the mountains of New Hampshire, it might still. But people who live here can’t help but wonder: What’s so flinty about New Hampshire? And if it’s not flinty, what is it? …

I moved here last summer—my second stint in New England. And, until I started reading news accounts about the primary, I never thought of my new neighbors as flinty. Turns out, I’m not alone. Smith—the pollster at UNH—doesn’t see anything flinty about New Hampshire, either.

“It’s absolutely misplaced,” Smith told me. “This state is largely highly educated, upper income, suburban people that live in the greater Boston area. Many of them work in Massachusetts—and most haven’t lived in New Hampshire for very long.” …

[T]he New Hampshire voter is…increasingly a soccer mom in Bedford, a hipster in Portsmouth, a professor in Durham, and a retiree—on the beach, in the White Mountains, or on one of the state’s 780 lakes and ponds. “They’re wealthy people from New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts who are building second homes,” Smith told me. “And they’re retiring to those nice homes. The people who live in $3 million homes on Lake Winnipesaukee aren’t particularly flinty.”

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