Hilarious: Howard Dean accuses MSNBC of anti-Hillary bias

Hilarious: Howard Dean accuses MSNBC of anti-Hillary bias
Credit: YouTube (CNN)

Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean ranted against the media’s supposed “double standard” against Hillary Clinton on Friday’s Andrea Mitchell Reports on MSNBC. Dean asserted that “there is nothing to the e-mails” controversy, and went on the attack: “When is the media and when are her opponents gonna stop attacking her personally?…I think it’s wrong; and frankly, it really burned me up…I am really going after the media. I think what the media has done to this person on the campaign trail, who’s gonna be the next President of the United States, is enough already.”

The former Democratic presidential candidate later claimed that “there has not been a single time for the last 25 years, where the right-wing has gone after it — and the media has dutifully followed up the inquiry — where they have found one thing — not Whitewater; not Vince Foster’s suicide — none of this stuff.”

Host Andrea Mitchell turned to Dean for his take on MSNBC’s Democratic presidential debate the previous evening. She first asked, “Chuck Todd asked Hillary Clinton whether she would put to rest all these questions about conflicts of interests from her speeches by just releasing the transcripts that she had in her speaking contract. So transcripts were made for her use only. She would have control over them. Should she release those transcripts? She kind of blew past it by saying, ‘I’ll look into it.'”

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