Did the ABC GOP debate kill Marcomentum?

Did the ABC GOP debate kill Marcomentum?
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Call it the end of Marcomentum, the revenge of the governors, or even Chris Christie channels Donald Trump, but within the first five minutes of last night’s ABC News GOP debate Marco Rubio was a deer in the headlights and the New Jersey governor was the new GOP mean guy.

There were three overall winners of the GOP debate John Kasich, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie . A more subdued Donald Trump may have won by not losing. Marco Rubio was the big loser, and to a lesser extent Ben Carson , and Ted Cruz didn’t have his best night either.

In terms of time spoken, Cruz and Rubio dominated the night. Trump was 3rd, followed by Christie and Bush. Surprisingly based on the impression he gave at the debate, Kasich spoke for a minute and a half behind the other governors and way behind the leaders. Ben Carson was a non-factor in time spoken as well as content.

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