Students declare ‘fight week’ in Pennsylvania high school; fights escalate

Students declare ‘fight week’ in Pennsylvania high school; fights escalate
(Image: YouTube video via NBC 10)

There have been at least five fights that school officials are aware of so far this week, which students have dubbed #AbingtonFightWeek on social media.

Videos of several of the fights at Abington Senior High School were posted online, and the situation snowballed from there, students told ABC 6.

“It’s all over social media. That’s where I’ve seen most of it,” junior Matt Spross said. “I think it’s just ridiculous, everyone is fighting for no reason.”

Freshman Carter Myers said “there was a bunch of fights happening early in the week and it just caught on.”

One of the fights videos featured by ABC 6 shows two black teen girls throwing each other around a hallway, pulling hair and swinging as school resource officers pulled them apart.

“There have been five student fights. In one case, a young man was out of control and punched our School Resource Officer,” Abington superintendent Amy Sichel posted to the district’s website.

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