Sanders spotlights Clinton vulnerabilities

Sanders spotlights Clinton vulnerabilities
Credit: Joseph Sohm/

Top Democrats aren’t worried about Bernie Sanders beating Hillary Clinton in the primaries. They’re worried about what the popular response to Sanders shows them about Clinton’s vulnerabilities in November.

It’s the quiet chatter among operatives in New York, Washington and beyond: If Clinton’s got so much trouble connecting with people that she’s stuck in a long primary slog against an upstart socialist senator from Vermont with a beyond-parody Brooklyn Jewish accent, that’s because at least some of those voters are more driven by being anti-Hillary than pro-Bernie.

In Iowa, and at every packed rally, he’s exposed her problems: with having a clear and rallying message, with inspiring passion, with being seen as inauthentic, with being seen as having too close connections to Wall Street, with attracting young voters and with a media narrative that Clinton supporters blame for always being more interested in looking for Clinton alternatives than discussing Clinton successes.

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