The economy trumps everything

The economy trumps everything
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Donald Trump, it may truly be said, drove to the surface of our politics heretofore unrecognized degrees of voter anger. It may be Mr. Trump’s misfortune that he has wrongly calculated the core reason for that anger.

He believed the big revelation of his June presidential announcement speech was support for his criticism of U.S. immigration policy. And so he rode it.

Elections are won or lost at the margin, and the margin is where Mr. Trump lost Iowa to Ted Cruz by three points.

The Iowa entrance polls reveal that Mr. Trump got 44% of the vote from people who believe immigration is the campaign’s top issue. Unfortunately, at least in Iowa, only 13% think that.Ted Cruz got 34% of their vote. Immigration matters, but Messrs. Cruz and Trump may be overweighting its importance in election outcomes.

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