Firearm safety classes in public schools?

Firearm safety classes in public schools?
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Most anti-gun liberals don’t want any firearms on school campuses unless they are in the hands of trained security or law enforcement officers. While that sounds good, very few schools can afford to pay for fulltime armed protection.

Some states have passed laws to allow trained and certified teachers and school administers to carry concealed weapons on the campuses of public schools. I know that just north of me, Ohio passed such a law in early 2014 and in the first month of classes being offered to train and certify educators, they were flooded with more requests than the schools could handle. Their goal is to have as many armed faculty and staff in as many public schools as possible that are trained to handle a shooting incident like the one that happened at Newtown.

John Benner, President and Chief Instructor of Tactical Defense Institute in West Union, Ohio has been helping train a number of Ohio educators as well as other civilians, law enforcement, military and federal agency personnel.

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