Feminists melt down over unlikable Hillary Clinton

Feminists melt down over unlikable Hillary Clinton
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After months of polls, pontification, and fevered speculation, the Iowa caucuses — and with them, the first official votes of the 2016 presidential primary — are finally in America’s taillights. The biggest loser, at least according to conventional wisdom, might be Donald Trump, who came in second to Ted Cruz, almost lost to Marco Rubio, and eventually erupted in an epic Twitter meltdown, complete with accusations of foul play and a dramatic demand to redo the entire Iowa vote.

But there’s another loser here, one who has long been overshadowed by the media’s love affair with the frenetic Mr. Trump. That would be Hillary Clinton, America’s supposed feminist icon who barely squeaked past wild-eyed, tufty-haired socialist Bernie Sanders. According to the latest counts in Iowa — counts that may yet be challenged by the Sanders camp — Clinton “won” by fewer than four delegates, with the help of at least six coin tosses.

Poor Hillary. She just can’t seem to catch a break.

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