13 quick takeaways from the Iowa Caucuses

13 quick takeaways from the Iowa Caucuses
Credit: THOnline

… Hillary Clinton, You Are a Horrible Candidate

Hillary Clinton couldn’t have more advantages. No one has more establishment credentials, from former first lady to U.S. senator to recent secretary of State. She brings in money from all of the establishment donor groups. The media have all but coronated her. Her only opponent, essentially, is a Democratic Socialist senator who is older than she is

…. Trump’s Loss Is Significant

It’s not the end of the road for Trump, not by a long shot. He’ll likely win New Hampshire next week. He has a path to the nomination. But had he won tonight, he would have been extremely difficult to defeat

…. Media Completely Out of the Loop

The media narrative during the past week was that Clinton would win but that the GOP candidates would have a fierce battle. All of the last 13 media polls had Trump winning. Instead, Cruz handily won Iowa while Sanders and Clinton tied.

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