Why Hillary Clinton will not be indicted over emails this year

Why Hillary Clinton will not be indicted over emails this year
National security face. (Image via Twitter)

I seriously doubt that the Obama administration will allow Clinton to be indicted or face any federal charges for her crimes. Why do I say that?

The first reason is that the Obama administration has a habit of protecting their friends and colleagues.

During the 2008 presidential elections, 2 members of the New Black Panthers were videoed in the act of intimidating voters outside a Philadelphia polling location, which is a federal felony. Charges were initially brought against the two men, but the attorney working the case for the Justice Department received orders to dismiss all charges against the two black militants. We don’t know where the order to dismiss the charges came from but considering the fact that Barack Obama had marched with the New Black Panthers in 2007, does cause one to consider that the order originated at the White House. Justice Department J. Christian Adams was so upset over the order to dismiss the charges that he resigned from the Justice Department.

In 2013, there was a scandal involving the Justice Department’s targeting of journalists and illegally delving into their private emails and phone calls. Obama announced at a speech at the National Defense University that he was asking then Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the Justice Department’s investigations of journalists. That’s right, Obama asked Holder to investigate Holder and his department.

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