ISIS beheads two boys under age of 10 for ‘insulting’ terrorist group

ISIS beheads two boys under age of 10 for ‘insulting’ terrorist group
Credit: Reuters

Daash executed two families in a new heinous crime, which is the ugliest in the history of humanity and three children in two separate incidents, south of Mosul, according to sources in Nineveh.

The sources told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA/ “terrorists organization Daash executed on Saturday morning two families consisting of 17 civilians, including four women and two children after being arrested during an attempt to escape from Mosul on their way to Baghdad.”

The sources added that “Daash arrested the two families near Hadher and sentenced them to death by beheading, which included four women and two children aged four and two years.”

Sources showed that “the crime against the two families rocked the district and the city of Mosul after their bodies arrived to the forensic medicine in Mosul.”

The sources pointed out that “Daash told the residents the punishment of fleeing Mosul would be slaying, not only death and detention based on the legitimacy courts of Daash”.

At relevant level, sources said “Daash executed three children aged (8-10) years in the district of Shirqat south of Mosul.”

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