Latest microaggression at Columbia: White male professors

Latest microaggression at Columbia: White male professors

As she describes herself, Avegail Muñoz is facing a stacked deck.

The Columbia University student is a “queer, multiracial woman of color” as well as a “low-income, first-generation student.”

She suffers from “multiple mental illnesses” and is a “survival of sexual assault.”

And she’s mad that people are telling her to stop being so politically correct, as Muñoz wrote in an op-ed for the Columbia Daily Spectator last month.

Muñoz made several troubling allegations about how Columbia treats students like her, so I reached out to her on Facebook for more details about her experiences. In the end, she provided only three examples of attacks on students like herself: vandalism of a pro-transgender bulletin board, too many white professors and the stress of college. [Emphasis added]

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