Iowa Caucus winners and losers

Iowa Caucus winners and losers
Credit: THOnline


Ted Cruz: Iowa was a must-win state for Cruz — and he did precisely that. Despite having trailed Donald Trump in the final round of opinion polls, Cruz’s much vaunted ground game flexed its muscle on Monday night, overwhelming what had appeared to be an enthusiasm gap on behalf of Trump….

Marco Rubio: For Rubio, Monday’s contest never was about winning, but whether he would exceed expectations. The benchmark was his number in the RCP Poll Average: 16.9 percent. Anything less than that would generally be viewed as a loss; anything more would be viewed as a victory….

Bernie Sanders: A few short weeks ago no one thought the 74-year-old socialist from Vermont posed any threat to Hillary Clinton….

The Anti-Trump Wing of the GOP: Much ink has been spilled over the GOP “establishment” and its mortal opposition to Trump.

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