Couple arrested for allegedly locking child in bathroom for months

Couple arrested for allegedly locking child in bathroom for months
Credit: Watertown Police Dept

A Watertown couple has been arrested after police say they locked their adopted children in the bathroom as punishment.

“A child disclosed to our school liaison officer abuse at the house,” said Watertown police detective, Mark Conway.

On Thursday, Watertown police have arrested 45-year-old George Barnes and 47-year-old Nancie Barnes of Burton Street in Watertown. Police began investigating the couple when a school liaison officer informed them of abuse of the couple’s five adopted children.

The investigation showed that each of the five children were locked in the home’s bathroom for extended periods of time as a punishment. Police say the children’s ages range from nine to 18-years-old. While the children were isolated in the bathroom, police say the children had to stand up and read. Baby monitors were placed in the bathroom to make sure the children were doing what they were told to do and their meals were brought to them.

Police say the children were allowed to go to school and could leave the bathroom to sleep, but had to return to the bathroom the next morning or afternoon, depending on their school schedule.

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