This election could be the birth of a Trump-Sanders constituency

This election could be the birth of a Trump-Sanders constituency
Credit: AP/John Minchillo

Primary voters going to the polls starting next week face the prospect of voting for candidates who have been unseen in the past 35 years of presidential politics: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

But even if Trump and Sanders are denied the White House, their campaigns will have been extremely significant, perhaps even changing presidential politics forever. Their success in building a following in their parties is an early warning sign of discontent with the outlook that has dominated American politics for decades.

Sanders and Trump differ dramatically on many issues — from immigration to climate change— but both are critical of how wealthy donors and lobbyists dominate the political process, and both favor some form of campaign finance reform. Both decry corporations moving overseas for cheap wages and to avoid American taxes. Both reject trade treaties that favor multinational corporations over workers. And both want government more, rather than less, involved in the economy.

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