Iranian admiral crows: We got tons of intel off Navy boat sailors’ latops, cell phones

Iranian admiral crows: We got tons of intel off Navy boat sailors’ latops, cell phones
Our finest hour. (Image: IRIB News)

[Ed. – Note, any such seizure or confiscation constitutes a violation of the Law of the Sea.]

The commander of Iran’s elite extraterritorial navy proclaimed in a session at the Iranian parliament Monday that his forces “extracted a lot of information from the confiscated cell phones and laptops” from U.S. Navy sailors it detained last month.

Rear Admiral Ali Javadi, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) navy, said that the IRGC possesses additional footage of the capture of two American naval boats and their ten crew members. According to Tasnim News, a website affiliated with the IRGC, Javadi said that releasing the footage would bring “humiliation” to the United States, and American officials would be “100 times more embarrassed” than they already are.

Javadi’s claim of additional videos that could cause humiliation to the United States comes in light of growing concern over how the American sailors were treated by the Iranians. The Third Geneva Convention states that prisoners of war are to be protected “against acts of violence or intimidation and against insults and public curiosity.” While the United States and Iran are not officially at war, James Ross, legal and policy director of Human Rights Watch, told The Wall Street Journal last month that “while the Geneva Conventions may not formally apply here, the Iranian government actions would appear to be contrary to the intention of the Geneva Conventions.”

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