Finland: ‘Vigilante’ groups patrol streets to protect women from migrants

Finland: ‘Vigilante’ groups patrol streets to protect women from migrants
(Image: Finland Soldiers of Odin, Facebook)

[Ed. – Of course they do.  That’s what normal men do.  Here’s how WaPo headlined this story, however:  “Fear and paranoia lead Finns to form vigilante groups that ‘protect women’ from asylum seekers.“]

As European countries continue to be racked by out-of-control refugees committing sexual crimes against women, citizens are rising up to take back their communities. One group, the Soldiers of Odin, is doing just that in Finland.

The vigilante group began patrolling the streets after a new wave of sex-related crimes perpetrated by Muslim migrants occurred in the Finnish capital of Helsinki. And after hearing of the rape and sexual molesting of women in Germany on New Year’s Eve, concerned citizens, fathers of daughters, and anyone concerned for others’ safety, have all banded together to keep women safe.

In the past six months, the Finnish town of Tampere has received over 4,000 refugees (mostly from Iraq) and with them, an increase of crimes against Finns, including rape and a teenage girl being stalked. One man, an Iraqi himself, told The Washington Post that he has lived in the town since 2010 and has noticed the disturbing changes. He described breaking up two young Iraqi “asylum seekers” who were harassing a woman he said was “clearly uncomfortable” with their sexual advances.

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