Tommy Chong: Bernie Sanders is like a Donald Trump with brains

Tommy Chong: Bernie Sanders is like a Donald Trump with brains
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[Ed. – No need to ask what he’s been smoking.]

Sen. (D- Vermont) just picked up a high-profile endorsement.

Comedian Tommy Chong, of the “Cheech and Chong” franchise, announced his support for Sanders as the next “commander in kush” on CNN with Brooke Baldwin.

Chong has long been an advocate of legalizing marijuana.

“A lot of people knock him, because he’s older than the rest, but he’s at the age where the only thing that matters is the people,” Chong said.

The comedian said of both parties, Sanders was the most qualified for the job.

“He will improve on Obamacare. He will improve on everything that deals with the middle class.”

Calling Donald Trump supporters mostly “racist Americans,” Chong compared Bernie’s popularity with that of the Republican front-runner.

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