Florida man nearly killed execution-style through dating app

Florida man nearly killed execution-style through dating app

Online dating is more popular than ever. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you, “It’s the modern way to find romance.”

People seem to enjoy the convenience of being able to look for love on-the-go. But sometimes that convenience can come with dangerous consequences. The online dating world also has the aspect of anonymity. How do you know who you’re really meeting?

The Bartow Police Department has seen four cases in just four weeks of people being robbed and carjacked as a result of online dating.

Royshawn Scarlett knows that feeling well. The soft-spoken young man thought he had made a friend. Just like so many people, Royshawn wanted romance. So, he turned to technology, using online dating apps Kik and HiFi.

The 21-year-old is now sharing his story of survival. He hangs his head, and the tears began to fall. He came so close to dying recently on a date. “They’re gonna kill me,” he told himself that night. “Please Lord help me.”

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