Chicago police officer plans to sue man he shot and killed

Chicago police officer plans to sue man he shot and killed
Credit: AP

[Ed. –Hope he’s not expecting the guy to show up in court.]

The Chicago police officer who shot and killed a 19-year-old is planning to sue his victim as he said the teenager assaulted him and caused emotional distress.

Officer Robert Rialto shot Mr LeGrier seven times because he alleged the teenager swung a bat at him. Officer Rialto also accidentally shot a neighbor, Bettie Jones, in the chest and killed her.

Bill Foutris, the LeGrier family’s lawyer, told CBS Chicago that the Officer’s suit is a “desperate attempt” to divert attention from the fact that Mr Rialto shot Mr LeGrier four times in the back without just cause.

Mr LeGrier was killed just after Christmas. He called 911 before he was killed but the phone operator ignored his pleas and hung up on him.

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