7 factors to consider as the Iowa Caucuses loom

7 factors to consider as the Iowa Caucuses loom
Ronald Reagan campaigns in Iowa in 1979. He lost the first Iowa GOP straw poll to George H.W. Bush. (Image: Cedar Rapids Gazette archives)

On Monday Iowans will impart their collective heartland wisdom to the rest of us. Here are seven factors to consider as the results roll in Monday night.

Iowa Republicans Have a Poor Track Record

Remember the presidency of Rick Santorum? President Mike Huckabee? No? Well, they won the 2012 and 2008 Republican caucuses. These results were not aberrant. In 1988, Iowa Republicans chose Bob Dole first and placed televangelist Pat Robertson second. Vice President George H.W. Bush, the eventual nominee (and the next president) finished third with only 19 percent of the vote….

Is Marco Rubio Peaking at the Right Time?

Newspaper endorsements in political campaigns are—to use the old Raymond Chandler phrase—about as useful today as “spats at an Iowa picnic.” The exception may be the Des Moines Register, Iowa’s biggest newspaper, which endorsed the Florida senator last week (as well as Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side).

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