Support for gun rights rising among blacks at a rate similar to whites

Support for gun rights rising among blacks at a rate similar to whites
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[Ed. – The absolute level of support is still lower among blacks, but the trend over time is basically the same in the last 20 years.  Upward for both.]

While I rarely turn to NPR for my news, I ran across an interesting interview this month conducted by Karen Grigsby Bates, speaking with one black gun owner from the Washington, DC area who definitely defies expectations. April Howard is very clear on how this is an issue which should (and does) break the color barrier.

APRIL HOWARD: I have a .22, a .38 and a rifle.

BATES: And she’s keeping them all. Howard’s had guns for several years now, the result of a close call at her D.C. metro area home that still makes her shudder.

HOWARD: Someone was breaking into my home while I was home alone at 7 a.m. in the morning. That prompted me to immediately get some form of protection for me and my home. …


During the power days of the Brady campaign back in the 90s, black support for gun rights was tanked at 17 to 18 percent, but if you look at the graph above it’s been slowly rising at roughly the same rate as support among whites. At the end of last year it had reached 34% at the same time that white support peaked at around 60.

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