We do not need another Clinton administration; I wish Bernie Sanders would say so

We do not need another Clinton administration; I wish Bernie Sanders would say so
Credit: AP/John Minchillo

[Bernie] Sanders is the most morally serious candidate in the presidential race by virtue of pressing so strongly on these issues. There may be a majority out there that will vote for him, or at least consider it….

Meanwhile he is undercutting his message by refusing to say that we do not need another Clinton administration. Sanders repeated on Sunday night that he refuses to personally attack the Clintons, but that is not what matters. There is no reason to believe that the next Clinton administration would be significantly different from the last one. We don’t need to hear about the personal screw-ups of any Clinton, but we need very much to interrogate the Clinton legacy in American politics.


I respect Hillary Clinton as much as possible, and I half expect to support her, more or less, by July. But we deserve an honest discussion during primary season about why we need something better than the last Clinton administration. That has not happened, even though opposing the party establishment is the point of Sanders’ magnificent campaign. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton pushes a brazenly dishonest charge that universalizing Medicare would make Medicare benefits hostage to state politics. To those who remember the 1990s, that is a sickening reminder of how the Clintons play ball.

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