‘Mainstream’ Republicans rallying around Rubio

‘Mainstream’ Republicans rallying around Rubio

[Ed. – Republicans all know this, as do all other flavors on the right side of the spectrum.  The MSM keep harping on it though, apparently as a way of keeping the discord stoked up on the right.  What’s kind of humorous this time around is the MSM’s irrelevance in the equation.  They could accomplish exactly as much by just shutting up.]

Buzz is growing on the ground in Iowa around Marco Rubio, who many political watchers believe is set for a stronger-than-expected showing at Monday’s caucus.

In interviews with The Hill, Iowa Republicans and independent analysts in the state say Rubio is primed to break free from the second tier of contenders and finally emerge as the candidate to save the establishment from Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, who are battling for the lead in Iowa.

“He easily has the greatest upside,” said Doug Gross, who served as Iowa finance chairman for the campaigns of George W. Bush and Mitt Romney.

“Mainstream Republicans are not comfortable with Trump or Cruz, and the more I hear from them, the more they say they’ve decided on Rubio. He has the greatest potential and it’s driven by pragmatism, a desire to win, and angst with the two front-runners.”

To be sure, that assumes more strength for Rubio than is currently reflected in the polls.

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