EU leaders: Linking mass sex assaults to migrant crisis is a ‘false association’

EU leaders: Linking mass sex assaults to migrant crisis is a ‘false association’

[Ed. – So why did these assaults, perpetrated by new migrants, only start when the new migrants got to Europe?  We may never know…]

The European Commission has declared the Cologne sex attacks on New Year’s Eve have nothing to do with Europe’s ongoing migrant crisis, describing such links as “false associations”.

Internal minutes of a European Commission meeting held on January 13th illustrate the complacent attitude of senior European Union (EU) leaders to the Cologne sex attacks. They appear more concerned with limiting damage to the wider European project than facing problems caused by their own migration policies.

The New Year’s Eve attacks were perpetrated “almost exclusively” by migrant men of Arabic and North African descent. As Breitbart London previously reported they followed the model of similar ‘taharrush’ incidents in the Arab world where large groups of men attack and even rape women at major events.

Nevertheless, according to the First Vice-President of the Commission, Frans Timmermans (pictured right), the Cologne sex attacks were nothing more than “a matter of public order” and were not in fact “related to the refugee crisis.”

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