Why I’m supporting Hillary Clinton, with joy and without apologies

Why I’m supporting Hillary Clinton, with joy and without apologies
Credit: AP Photo / Steven Senne

[Ed. – Shorter Joan Walsh: Because she’s a woman. Oh, and because I’m an idiot and glutton for punishment.]

I got to spend last week in France talking — and not writing — about the 2016 presidential election….

… [F]female French students are worried that Clinton could lose, yet again. “Do you think women — especially women — are ready to vote for a woman?” a young woman in Toulouse asked me nervously.

“Yes,” I told her. Then I added, reassuringly: “Yes, we are.” Faced with her anxiety — and I admit I could be projecting across cultures here — I did something in France I don’t often do at home: I came out of the closet as a full-fledged Hillary Clinton supporter. And this time, as opposed to 2008, I’m backing her without apology, as the right and even radical choice. More than without apology; after 40 years of voting for male presidents, I’m supporting Hillary with excitement, even joy.

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