Little support for Hillary among Hollywood’s ‘power women’

Little support for Hillary among Hollywood’s ‘power women’

If one thing largely unites Hollywood’s power women, it’s the belief that sexism denies them salaries equal to those of their male counterparts — and keeps them out of studios’ uppermost executive suites.

That belief, and the resentment it engenders, has fueled ongoing controversy in the entertainment industry and in part energized Hollywood women to become the most consistent financial backers of female political candidates. So why are so many of them still withholding donations from Hillary Clinton at a time when she stands such a strong chance of becoming America’s first woman president?

According to the most recently filed Federal Election Commission reports, only one in four women on THR‘s Power 100 list had given to Clinton as of Sept. 30. None so far has contributed to her closest competitor, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. (Fourth-quarter data is set to be released at the end of January.)

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