To defeat ISIS, we must celebrate diversity

To defeat ISIS, we must celebrate diversity

[Ed. – Too late to implement Marie Harf’s strategy of finding the terrorists good-paying jobs?]

The self-proclaimed Islamic State cannot tolerate diversity, which is why we must celebrate it.

The details of the attacks in Paris are unbearable: of disabled people shot in their wheelchairs; of a woman lying in the blood of strangers, feigning death for over an hour; of screaming and bullets and pools of blood and corpses found over a day later.

The terrorists selected particular locations for their carnage, in a Mumbai-style attack that picked locations along the Boulevard Voltaire. They did not pick the seats of government or Paris’s many tourist spots, but one of Paris’s lively, multi-ethnic arrondisements, one where people from a variety of backgrounds mingled harmoniously.

It is this diversity that is poignantly evident from the list of victims. They represent a wide variety of ethnicities, faiths and nationalities. This pluralism – of people mixing freely, enjoying each other’s company – seems to underlie the moral repulsion of terrorists connected to Islamic State, who described Paris, the city of light, the city for lovers, as “the capital of prostitution and obscenity”, rock fans as “idolaters” and football fans and restaurant diners as “crusaders”.

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