New Yorkers engage in ‘snow shaming’ after big blizzard

New Yorkers engage in ‘snow shaming’ after big blizzard

After Storm Jonas dumped more than two feet of snow in the city, New Yorkers are struggling to navigate the sidewalks, which have been turned into a minefield of slippery ice, slush puddles, and massive snow piles.

While people lashed out at Mayor Bill de Blasio for prioritizing drivers over pedestrians and leaving various boroughs snowed under, others have taken a more unusual method of complaint.

In Crown Heights, a sign was posted at the intersection of Crown and Albany Street. The passive aggressive notice read: ‘This path was made by an unknown young woman with her own shovel and no help from anyone. Thanks for making this crossing possible.’

Meanwhile, Joanna Oltman Smith, tweeting @jooltman, posted a sign outside Seventh Avenue and President Street in Park Slope reading: ‘This hideous, dangerous, illegal, uncleared corner brought to you by Astoria Bank.’

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