‘How I Spent My Constitutional Rights’: MA town to require essay for carry permits

‘How I Spent My Constitutional Rights’: MA town to require essay for carry permits
Credit: Telegraph

If citizens in Lowell, Massachusetts want to carry a weapon in self-defense, they had better start sharpening their pencils. The city will now require anyone who wants an “unrestricted” gun license to explain in writing why they feel the need to exercise their constitutional rights publicly, with the police chief playing the role of schoolmarm in deciding who passes and who fails. On top of that, anyone wishing to carry at all must take a course that currently costs more than $1100:

The policy requires anyone seeking a license-to-carry to take a gun-safety course. Anyone applying for an unrestricted gun license must state in writing why they should receive such a license, and to provide additional documentation, such as prior military or law-enforcement service, a prior license-to-carry permit, or signed letters of recommendation.

Critics who spoke Tuesday, and who’ve blasted the policy before, made one last attempt at persuading Police Superintendent William Taylor to make it less onerous on applicants.

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