The way to stop Trump

The way to stop Trump

Thus far Trump has faced two main attacks. First, that he’s an unserious creep who’s temperamentally unsuited for the presidency. Second, that he’s not a real conservative….

These attacks haven’t worked….

So think back to that misty time, two years gone, when one of Trump’s current rivals — Chris Christie, that’s the one — was seen as the presumptive Republican front-runner. What was the basis of Christie’s appeal? Simply this: He was a jerk, but he was your jerk. He was rude — but to people who deserved it. He was an S.O.B. — the S.O.B. the country needed.

Then think about why the “Bridgegate” scandal was devastating to his image. Not because petty political payback is the worst thing in the world. Not because it proved Christie wasn’t a “true conservative.”

No, it devastated Christie because it flipped his brand.

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